Family Strengthening through Village Banking (SOS Childrens Villages and RUFEP)

SOS Children's Villages Zambia has signed an MOU with RUFEP (Rural Finance Expansion Programme) that targets to increase access and use of financial services by poor rural men, women and youth. SOS Through its Family Strengthening programme has sensitised programme participants that use the village banking concept to raise money in the communities by linking such groups with Modern and secure financial methods and encouraged the opening of bank accounts for Village banking.
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Hydroponics Project

The project aims to empower programme participants by educating them on various methods of vegetable growing. Our location at ten (10) Miles farming area within Lusaka aims at training various youths on this important skillset which could see them become entrepreneurs and become self sufficient to contribute to our communities.

In 2021 and 2022, SOS Children’s Villages implemented a youth gardening project that uses hydroponics, a technique of growing plants without soil, in a nutrient rich liquid culture. The purpose of the gardening project was to provide vulnerable youth and communities with little or no space with the opportunity to respond to the negative impacts of climate change and generate sustainable livelihoods from contemporary vegetable gardening approaches such as hydroponics. The project was implemented with the support of funding from Allianz Fund at a total cost of K654, 000 and the technical support of Romachi Investment Limited.

Chaz/Sos Project

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